Chums Lifestyle
Here at Chums we haven't forgotten where we come from and we're proud of that. Chums was born on the river and over the past 35 years you can find us on every river in every corner of this great country. We are committed to preserving the wild places for everyone, because everyone should have the chance to experience all a river has to offer!
Good things are Happening
Preserving Wild Places

Chums is committed to preserving wild places so that future generations can keep making memories, creating relationships and experiencing adventure on the river. Everyone is impacted by a wild river, whether on a large or small scale. We invite our Chums community to celebrate our anniversary by paying it forward to what inspired Chums in the first place — the river.

"these public lands, they can speak to all of us. No matter what community you come from or you live in you have an amazing opportunity to recreate in your public lands in your backyard and protect these places and you can have an impact on those simply by being involved and telling your friends about it... and if you do that, good things are going to happen."
Protect Your Wild Rivers
Do you live for the river like we do? Let's show the river some love. Here is how you can get involved:
Step 1
Buy some limited-edition Chums gear. We will be donating a minimum of 30% of the purchase price directly to American Rivers.