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The Downriver was engineered to protect your essentials during your favorite on-water adventures. Whether a day on the river, a trip down the Colorado, or a quick SUP ride, the Downriver will keep your gear safe and dry, and the water out.


  • 7 Liter Bag
  • Waterproof main pocket with roll top closure
  • HF Welded seams to keep water out
  • Water resistant exterior front pocket
  • Can be worn as shoulder bag or waist pack
  • Removable one-handed quick adjust strap
  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 10" x 2.25"

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By: Kristian 31 Oct 2018

I have been using this bag about every day while fishing, and more specifically, walk and wading. This bag has been great for packing the essentials for a days worth of fishing, and it is big enough where you are not stressed about running out of room. I was also stoked on how dry my gear stayed after being fully submerged on deeper wades. Overall, I am beyond stoked on this product
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By: DEA Dan 21 Sep 2016

Great flyfishing bag everything stays dry holds 3box of fly's and gear &I phone been using in saltwater no problem
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By: DEA Dan 16 Sep 2016

Iam always looking for the perfect bag for fly fishing . the Down River is the best I've found . It will hold 3 fly box Iphone spare leader 16 oz water bottle and small 380 it does this while keeping everything dry while wading IndianRiver (saltwater ) great product
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