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American Rivers

In honor of our 35th Anniversary, we choose to pay it forward and create a platform dedicated to inspiring involvement in your local waterways and giving back. To find out more, visit our “Keep it Wild, Keep it Free” campaign.

Chums is reflecting on its heritage and connection to the surrounding rivers by working with American Rivers to drive river advocacy through education and philanthropy. Together, we will work to educate friends and consumers about the importance of wild and free flowing rivers, and preservation of waterways for public recreation. Chums’ partnership and efforts will support the 50th Anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Act and American River’s 5000 Miles of Wild Campaign. Chums is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of our waterways, not only for today, but for future generations. For Chums, this is an opportunity to engage our friends and followers in conservation, empowering everyone with knowledge and the opportunity to give back and get involved.