Tyler Woolcott

Southern Gentlemen, Angler Extraordinaire
Tyler Woolcott, a Florida Native has spent his entire life on the water. Fishing alongside his dad since he could hold a fishing rod he was able to experience both the freshwater and saltwater side of fishing. It was the backyard pond that spawned Tylers love for Bass fishing and he has carried that passion through the years to now be able to participate at a professional level. Woolcott began tournament fishing in a Central Florida Jr. Bassmasters club at the age of 13 and since then moved up the ranks: High school fishing to College fishing to competing as a Co-Angler and now has the opportunity to fish as a professional on the FLW Tour.

Q: Hometown?
A: Port Orange, Florida

Q: What Tour Are You Fishing In?
A: I'm fishing my rookie year on the FLW Tour

Q: What's The Biggest Fish You Have Caught?
A: The biggest fish I have ever caught was a 350lb Black Marlin in Costa Rica

Q: Favorite Fishing Story?
A: Now this is a hard one, considering I've been around fishing since I could walk. But the one that sticks out the most in my head is when we were fishing for redfish in a local inlet near my house and we hooked into a 200lb tarpon on lighter than average tackle for fighting a fish of that caliber. I proceeded to fight the fish for over 4 hrs before finally landing it. Definitely a fish catch I won’t ever forget.

Q: Must Have Fishing Gear?
A: Chums Orbiters to hold my glasses around my neck while running down the lake, and Chums Neo Floating Keychain so that I'll never lose my keys on and off the water!

Q: Your Go-To Fishing Snack
A: Go to fishing snack has to be pb&j. I always pack a loaf of bread, peanut butter, and jelly. It’s the easiest and most filling snack I've found to bring on the boat while practicing for tournaments.

Q: Any Lucky Charms? Pre Fishing Rituals?
A: Don't have any pre-fishing rituals besides maybe drinking an energy drink and blasting some pump up music in the truck before hitting the water. Those usually get me in the mood to go snatch on some bass.

Tyler's Essentials

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